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A couple short ones


A 26-year-old driver was arrested in April after being spotted on the side of a road masturbating. According to the police report, the man said "he had just left work and explained that he needed some personal time with himself that he could not have at home."




A politician considers auctioning his beard.  The politician on Monday said in a panel discussion that he might shave off his beard to raise $1.5 million/1 million euros for charity.  "It must be serious and not turn into a spectacle," he said. "The event would have to help the really needy.  I'm still thinking about it".  Like the rest of his hair, his beard is short, grey, bristly, and is “like a guinea pig" according to his wife(a hairdresser).

Answers probably in a couple of days. ;)


As most have guessed, #1- Florida and #2-Germany.

Sorry the delay, but I can't for the life of me find the original link to the Florida story.  Here for Florida and here for Germany.
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