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Cherry Cheesecake

Boars help cops capture auto theft suspect

Thu May 22, 9:26 AM ET

(Germany or Florida) - A herd of wild boars has thwarted a suspected car thief's getaway in northern (Germany or Florida).

Police in (Germany or Florida) say the 18-year-old abandoned a stolen SUV he was driving Thursday after failing to shake off a chasing patrol car by driving into a field.

Police nabbed his passenger immediately. But they say the driver initially got away by running into nearby woods.

Officers then heard the fugitive shouting for help — he had run into a herd of angry wild boars that were keen to protect their young.

Police freed the man from the boars and took him into custody.

Wild boars are a common sight in forested areas of northern (Germany or Florida). They often make themselves at home in residential neighborhoods, too, uprooting gardens and annoying homeowners.

ETA:  ooh, people were split on this one!  Fun!!  It was GERMANY!
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