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just guess!! EDITED W/ ANSWER!

Woman charged in (PLACE) in grandson's death

(PLACE) – A 71-year-old woman drowned her 5-year-old grandson in a bathtub while they were vacationing in (PLACE) because she didn't want to see the boy grow up in a divorced home, authorities said Tuesday.

The grandmother, MB (initials), tried to commit suicide after the drowning Monday by wading into the (BODY OF WATER) wearing heavy clothes, authorities said. MB, of (PLACE), was charged with first-degree murder in the death of CH (initials) at a condominium on (PLACE), about 60 miles southwest of (PLACE).

A public defender was appointed for MB, but no one answered at the office after business hours.

The boy's parents had joint custody of CH after they divorced in 2006, but he lived mostly with his mother in (PLACE). His father, DH, lives nearby and is on his way to (PLACE), according to his attorney.

"I don't think anybody ever knows that a grandparent could be capable of something like this," said DH's attorney JTS (initials). "DH is extremely distraught and overwhelmed with grief over this incident."

A phone message left at the mother's home, KH, was not immediately returned. She is MB's daughter.

MB's husband, HB, told police he came back from shopping to find his wife returning from the beach sopping wet from the neck down, clad in a red jacket and long underwear.

"Mr. HB said that when he went into the house he saw his grandson partial(ly) submerged lying in the bathtub with his face in the water," according to a sworn statement by (PLACE) Sheriff's Lt. RS wrote. "Mr. HB pulled him out of the bathtub placing him on the living room floor."

His wife tried to run away from the two-story condominium building, but he forced her into the car and the couple drove to the local fire station, S (initial) wrote. The boy was dead when authorities arrived.

MB was being held without bond and has been placed under a suicide watch.

Her case will be reviewed by a grand jury, which must issue an indictment before she can be prosecuted for first-degree murder. The panel also has the option of reducing or rejecting the charge.

First-degree murder convictions in (PLACE) are punishable by either death or life in prison without parole.

ADDING MY OPINION: If she was sopping wet from the *neck down*, me thinks she did not do a very thorough job of attempting to drown herself! Last time I checked, drowning required the head being submerged, a fact one would think she would be familiar with!

So . . . Germany or Florida? What say you?!

you are both correct!  it happened in FL, but the woman was on vacation from GERMANY!!

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