bar1scorpio (bar1scorpio) wrote in germany_or_fl,

Now where do you think they celebrate this holiday?

Dateline: (GERMANY or FLORIDA?) — (First sentence omitted...). Ten middle school students in N**** were suspended earlier this month after district officials say they participated in “Kick a Jew Day.” A Jewish student at the North N***** Middle School informed the dean of students on Thursday, Nov. 19, that she had been attacked because of the fake holiday. The next day, after Principal M******* J******* addressed students, her office was informed of at least 10 other such kicking incidents. The 10 students involved received a one-day, in-school suspension and will participate in special parent-teacher conferences. In the wake of the incident, the school’s administration has decided to devote 20 minutes of every day to discussing respect, kindness and bullying prevention.

Germany or Florida? kids.
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I'll go with Florida.

P.S. I may not want to have kids in the future. :(
+1 point!
Florida for sure. But it could just be the phrase middle school setting that off.
+1 point! And here I was sure "dean of students" would throw someone off.
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I'm going to go with florida!
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