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two for one!

Drug dealer claims ‘tooth fairy’ gave her cash

A [Florida/Germany] woman, arrested during a drug deal, told police the [currency]1,300 they seized on her was given to her by the Tooth Fairy.
Kathryn Hudson was caught dealing oxycodone by undercover investigators in a [chain name] restaurant in [city], the[newspaper] reports. 
When questioned by police about the large amount of cash she had, the unemployed 22-year-old said, “The tooth fairy gave it to me.” 
Considering the amount of teeth she didn’t have, police almost believed her.


Busty Heart shows how 46H breasts are deadly weapons

Mega-boobed model Busty Heart once again showed off her talents on [Florida's/Germany’s] version of [country]'s Got Talent” this week by using her breasts to perform deadly karate techniques.
The talent show guest, whose real name is Susan Sykes, used her 46H boobs to smash planks of wood, crush beer cans and annihilate melons on the show called “[TV show],” the [newspaper] reports.
The 49-year-old once was branded a national threat in America when a viewer dropped dead of a heart attack while watching her perform on TV.

Didn’t know what hit him.


Edit 10/15/2010

For the first story the answer is Florida and for the second the answer is Germany!
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