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Woman survives shooting; boyfriend jailed

It was an elaborate plot: (he) was going to rent a room with a hot tub at a (place) motel, kill the woman he loved, then kill himself.

But it never happened.

Instead, (he) ended up shooting (her) twice in the head in a (place) parking lot after he suspected that the 46-year-old woman had swiped $100 from his car, police said.

And because (he) never shot himself, he now sits at the (place) Jail without bail and charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Police are not surprised that the relationship between the two soured.

(He, according to friends and Police Chief (name), won (her in a pool game in (place) in April 2010.

"It's stranger than fiction," (police chief) said Monday.

(She) survived the two gunshots that (he) delivered to her face and head with an antique .22-caliber handgun on Sunday night just outside the (place), police said.

Listed in serious condition at (place) Medical Center, she was in surgery Monday afternoon, her sister (name) said.

The 60-year-old suspect revealed his entire plot to (place) investigators, telling them he had planned to murder (her) because he "was tired of being taken advantage of," his arrest report shows.

The shooting occurred after (man) and (woman) had argued for the second time in two days, the report shows.

The pair's first verbal row occurred Saturday night at the (place).

"She offended him by saying something about his IQ," (police chief) said.

(He) left (her) at the bar and drove off to his temporary digs at a beachside hotel. As he drove however, he planned (her) demise, police said.

"He said he was going to take her to the (place); he was going to get a room with a Jacuzzi, and he was going to kill her and then kill himself," (police chief) said.

The next day -- Sunday -- investigators said (she) telephoned (him) and asked him to pick her up at her mother's house in the (place) mobile home park. (He) obliged, but he went armed, the report shows.

Landing at the (bar) again, the two got into another fight, police said. In an attempt to calm (her), (he) said he purchased $40 worth of cocaine in the men's bathroom, the report shows. The two then left the bar and as (he) drove, (she) asked him to stop at a liquor store because she wanted beer and a bottle of vodka, police said.

(He) went inside to buy the liquor, leaving $100 in his car. When he got back to the vehicle though, the money was gone, police said. The suspect asked (her) where the cash was and she said it had probably blown out of the car window, the report says.

That story didn't fly with (him). He began driving, then stopped at the (place).

"He figured this would be as good a time as any to shoot her," the chief said.

(He) parked near the (place), pulled out the gun and shot (her) once in the face, police said. At that point, (she) leaned over and said, "I love you. Take me to my mother's house," the report shows.

But (he) responded, "You are going to see your father," and he shot (her) -- whose father is dead -- again, police said.

When they arrived at (place), (he) realized he should get (her) medical help, the report said.

"He had an epiphany and took her to the hospital," (police chief) said.

The pair met in (place)., in April 2010 at a pool hall.

(He) bet another man that he would win a game. If (he) lost, he would hand over $100 and his Viper pool cue; if he won, he would take (her).

He won, (police chief) said.

"Two days after the game, she convinced him to move to (Germany or Florida)," (police chief) said.

But it was no love story.

"He wanted more and she just wanted to be friends," said (her) sister.

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