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Germany or Florida
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As heard on Loveline and The Adam Carolla Show!

Adam Carolla was sitting around the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live one day going through bizarre news articles. It occured to him suddenly that all stories of the bizarre and macabre come from either Germany or Florida. And he then turned it into a game. You take a story of strange happenings from either location and have other people guess what country it's from.

It's fun, it's easy, and now, it's got it's own LJ Community!

Play along!

Here's how you do it.

First: Join the Community! (duh!)

Second: Find an article of news that is strange, bizarre, macabre, etc. from either Germany or Florida.

Third: Post it here using your update function, but remember, don't tell us where it's from or else we can't guess!

Then wait two days and tell us which it was!

In the meantime, check out posts others have made and put in your guesses! Don't cheat though.. It's just not fun. ^_^

New Point System:

You get points for posting and guessing on our community. The points you received are added all up into one final score every day by me and posted on our community info page.


No one is required to post an entry ever. So, if you just want to hang out and take a guess now and then, that's totally cool. However, everyone here, especially your faithful mod, appreciates it when someone does take the time out to post a Germany or Florida entry. And to show that, whenever you post an entry you get one point. Cool, huh? It gets cooler. If you happen to stump everyone who responds to your post, you get as many points as people you stump.

BTW, if you post something, please let us know when you're going to post the answer, cause it helps me out. The general accepted time frame is give people 2 days in which to answer.


I try to make sure there a Germany or Florida up every day for you to vote on, but it doesn't always happen. You get two days to vote on a Germany or Florida entry in most cases. If you get the answer right, you get one point. If you get it right and noone else does, you get two points! If you vote after the answer is already posted, you get nothing!

Current scores (22 June 2007):

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